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Meet Phillip Gene Sobrielo


Philip Gene Sobrielo grew up in Singapore, in a family where dancing is a way of life. At age of 5, Philip started picking up Line dancing from his Aunt. Philip enjoyed it and picking up the steps was second nature to him. 

In 1998, Philip was so "into" line dancing and Micheal Jackson that his Mum (a Linedance Instructor) suggested that he should work on combining his new found MJ moves to some of the "then" current line dances. He did and came out with his first Linedance choreography called "MJ Smooth Criminal".

He started taking classes from his mum on a regular basis and started improvising Line Dance slowly. Philip has always wanted to work with kids and to reach out to teenagers who needed a Big Brother figure to help them along the way and realized that this was probably going to be his chance to do so through dance! 

In 1999, Philip started sharing his passion and taught small groups. Soon, he found himself taking his dance to a higher level and started to build a career out of it. He also was given the opportunity to teach at schools and to adults and kids from all around Singapore. 

Hit by the choreography bug, he started, and to date, he has choreographed many dances including "Do Something" which gained 2nd place in an Australian choreography competition, Rumors Again, 1 2 Step, Infatuation, Every time I fly, Dance All Nite, Baby Boy, Come on Over Baby, Keep Quiet & Spice it Up, Hollaback Girls, which achieved 1st place in a choreography competition at the Vegas Explosion, to name but a few. And more recently, Clap Snap with Rebecca Lee and From a Distance. Philip taught "Thank you very much" at the 2019 Crystal Boot Awards.

Later in 2001 Philip had joined other kinds of dancing such as Hip Hop, Salsa and Jazz but having a passion of the younger generation he stuck with the most popular dance which was 'Hip Hop' and became a certified Instructor.


In 2005 he started teaching in schools and had came out with Plays, Musicals and Shows. He has choreographed for company events as well as TV shows.

He has helped opened doors to the younger generation, allowing them a place & time to express themselves through music and dance that they can relate to including Hip Hop, Pop, Techno & Latin groove and of course, Line! 


Asian in Line show playlist on Mixcloud

A selection of Philip's favourite photos

A selection of Phillip's choreography

Links to Phillip´s stepsheets on Linedancer & Copperknob

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