Introducing DJ Gary Steele

I first started dancing at the age of 4 back in 1992. At this young age I started training in Ballet and Tap. It surprises some people that I used to do ballet as I used to be on the larger side of life and I was always guaranteed a comment of being 'Light on my feet'.

From there I went on to stage school and learnt modern jazz and continued in tap and ballet. It was my 2nd stage school that I was introduced to line dancing, back in 99/2000 and where I met my instructor Hillary Kurt-Webster. In an instant of learning my first dance I was, as they say, hooked and I wanted to learn more. I attended Hillarys' classes once to twice a week and then found more classes and it expanded to 5 or 6 times a week.


Outside the world of line dance, I now work for an Independant Funeral Director. This was something I was interested in from when I did my work experience with my school 13 years ago. 


The entertainment industry has always been in my blood as my father was a ballroom dancer (never seen him dance lol), also due to me always dancing in some form and because of attending stage school.

I have two children, Riley and Teigen, and one angel baby, Jacob. I am with my girlfriend Carla and in July we welcomes our new daughter Meredith into our world!