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Meet Jeni Bradshaw


In 2006 I returned home after graduating from University and along with going back to swimming & life-saving I took up line dancing. It's safe to say that from those first few steps (through the door) I've never looked back.


I attended a local class as often as I could around shift work which turned into 2 classes and sometimes three classes per week. Little did I know fate had plans that years later these would become my own classes.


In 2011 my teacher Ann approached me about helping cover her classes whilst she had a hip replacement. It took some persuading and some planning around work commitments but I eventually agreed.


Not one to do things by halves I was guided by Ann into contacting the BWDA to get myself on a course to begin my qualifications, all of which I'm happy to say were completed.


Tragically in February 2012 Ann had a fatal heart attack to which her daughter and sons asked if I was able to take over the classes and that's how Boogie Boots was born. I have classes on Monday evenings, Tuesday morning into afternoon, Tuesday evening, Wednesday afternoon, Wednesday evening & Friday evening and also run weekend events, Days of Dance and monthly socials.


In 2015 I was injured at work which has prohibited me from returning and has spurred me in to trying to make line dancing a career for myself. Not only is line dancing my hobby, it's my passion and my profession.


I hope that I will continue to part of this wonderful family for many decades to come and have any more incredible experiences meeting, talking and dancing with so many amazing people who are part of our hobby and are yet to become part of it.


I hope to see you around on a dance floor some time soon and if you ever see me out and about feel free to stop me and say hi!  


Jeni's Jukebox show playlist on Mixcloud

A selection of Jeni's favourite photos

A selection of Jeni's choreography

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