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Meet Robert Lindsay

I was introduced to Line Dancing in 1995 and was hooked instantly. I have always been involved in the dance world in various guises and soon became won over by this new form of dance – the fact that I loved the group Steps made it even better with the 5,6,7,8 dance being the first line dance I had seen.


I often took part in Scottish Country Dance displays all over Scotland and was very interested in Latin American Dance as well as ballroom. I think I just had dancing in my blood!


Going to line dance classes very quickly became my stress release. My son Christopher was nearly 3 when we were expecting our second child. Unfortunately this was not to be and the classes were a fantastic way of channelling frustration and unhappiness.  At about the same time I became a secondary school teacher of Business Studies and Economics which gave me a complete opposite experience being in a busy school. My beautiful daughter Rachael was born in October 1997 and she, with her brother Christopher still light up my world. Christopher recently married his fiancee Rachel!! You can imagine the fun that causes. I now just call them Miss Rachael and Mrs Rachel.


In 1997 I decided to train to become a Line Dance Instructor and in July of that year obtained an Instructors Diploma in Western Line Dancing from the UKA.


I started 5 classes and loved it. I was encouraged to start choreography and my first dance ‘Believe It Or Not’– to Trisha Yearwood’s Believe Me Baby I Lied was published in the Linedancer Magazine. I then had other dancer published in the same Magazine and in other publications such as Up Country.


I was thrilled to be nominated for several Crystal Boot Awards over the years and have twice had the absolute honour of teaching at that prestigious event.


I started to be asked to teach at events and continued my choreography. I took part in events in the UK and also taught in the USA, Canada, Denmark and Spain. This culminated in receiving a Crystal Boot for Intermediate Dance of the Year 2007.  The dance – Firecracker – has become my trademark all over the world!!


I am delighted to be part of the Kingshill Dance Holiday team and have hosted many weekends all over the United Kingdom.  I was thrilled to be asked to join the Linedance Radio team and take great pride in being part of something so special.


I look forward to hosting my show over the months and to continuing the best form of exercise and meeting people all over the world



The Country in Line show playlist on Mixcloud

A selection of Robert's favourite photos

A selection of Robert's choreography

Links to Robert´s stepsheets on Linedancer & Copperknob

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