Introducing DJ Suzi Beau

I started line dancing in 2005 as my Dad was an Instructor and I’ve had an amazing passion for it ever since.


I have visited many places and met some fantastic friends and I am always delighted to be part of this incredible industry.


I’ve been choreographing since 2005 my first dance being Time to run written to Billy Jean by Michael Jackson.


I’ve written several dances which I’ve had a lot of success with, All in my head AB, Rockabye Baby EZ, Honey I’m Good, Mira Sofia, Life Changes and many more but most recently Hey Senorita AB which has been danced all over the world. It’s also in the AB Chart on linedancerweb and I am so grateful for the support of all the teachers and dancers.


I have been fortunate to work with so many fabulous choreographers including Pat Stott, Heather Barton, Robbie McGowan Hickie, Hayley Wheatley and even International choreographers Wil Bos, Julie Lockton, Dwight Meessen and many more.


I publish an online digital magazine Love2Line, a free publication for the benefit of the line dance community. All the contributors of the magazine are volunteers who are passionate about the industry. We have a global readership and publish on 2 online news stands.


I am now part of a dedicated and hard working team managing Linedancer Radio and I thoroughly enjoy presenting Live and pre-recorded line dance shows and I’m incredibly fortunate to have a Crystal Boot Award for being a Radio DJ.


My claim to fame is that I’ve taught Ted Robbins how to line dance live on air and I’ve appeared in a Sky TV documentary. I am Mum to three Sons, Scott, Ryan and Jason of whom I am very proud.